CBUS 200 Photo Project
Michela Baxter in Travel Your City, columbus, ohio, photos, travel your city

This year Columbus, Ohio turns 200 and the city is celebrating in lots of ways.  I’m doing a little celebration of my own - in pictures. I am capturing Columbus in 200 pictures throughout its 200th birthday year.  The idea is to capture the colors, details, and textures that make the city unique and interesting.


You can do the same too with a photo project of your city.  Wander your city with camera in hand and capture the details surrounding you. Look at landmarks from a different angle, or take pictures of details or portions of the landmark instead of a traditional postcard view. Take pictures of what may seem simple and everyday. They will actually reveal the true textures of the place that you live - especially when you look at them side-by-side.  Pick a neighborhood each weekend.  Or just carry your camera along to the places you go.  

Not only will you capture the essence of your city, but you will create a photo journal of your local travels.

So follow me here as I capture the nooks and crannies, favorite places and hidden spaces of Ohio’s capital city.  Or catch the pics and detail on locations on my Facebook page.



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