Instagram Travel Your City Challenge 
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I am addicted to Instagram.  There, I said it.  And I love the fun Instagram challenges that bloggers and brands are creating.  So I decided to create a challenge of my own: The Travel Your City Instagram challenge.  

This challenge is all about exploring your city using a camera, and doing a little research and digging to get to know it better.  And Instagram adds a wonderful twist by giving you a place to share all of the cool and interesting things you will discover about your city with others.

So let’s get started.

The Challenge

Over four weeks I’ll reveal photo prompts on 4 themes: buildings, to-do, food, and outdoors.  Throughout the week, upload images based on these prompts on Instagram and add the hashtag #travelyourcity.

The prompts are purposely vague and designed to inspire.  You’re the artist, so interpret through your lens.  And don’t forget to share a story about the image you capture (that’s where the “get to know your city better” part comes in).  Talk to people, read a brochure, heck just use Google.  The fun is in the learning and the sharing.


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