30 Day City Challenge
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I have a personal mission: Do 30 things I’ve never done in the city that’s been my home for 4 years.  Why?  I feel like I hardly know my home.  I feel like I only do things when visitors are in town.  And I know it has so much more offer.  If you feel the same, I challenge you create your own personal mission and be a tourist in your city (and I’ll give you tips along my way).


My 30 days doing 30 new things in Columbus is over.  And as I looked back on my list of possible things to do, I’m amazed at just how long it was.  So for those embarking on their own ‘do something new’ in Columbus challenge, here are 45+ more ideas to keep you going.  I am!

Plus here are a few of my favorite things to do in Columbus (in case you haven’t):



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