Traveling doesn't mean you have to go to a new place.  You can travel and experience new things in your home city every day.  Here are ideas to "travel your city" and get to know it inside and out.


Instagram Travel Your City Challenge 

Attention IGers! Get to know your city better and share it with others with a 4-week Instagram photo challenge.

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CBUS 200 Photo Project

This year Columbus turns 200 and the city is celebrating in lots of ways. I’m doing a little celebration of my own - in pictures. Follow me here as I capture the nooks and crannies, favorite places and hidden spaces of Ohio’s capital city. You can get to know your own city better with a photo challenge of your own.

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30 Day City Challenge

I’m on a mission: Do 30 things I’ve never done in the city that’s been my home for 4 years. All in 30 days. It’s gonna be fast. It’s gonna be fun. And I’m gonna learn a bunch. I challenge you to be a tourist in your city (and I’ll give you tips along my way).

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5 WAYS: To Experience Your Own City

It's easy to overlook the great things the city you live in has to offer. And if you aren't able to travel someplace new, why not learn a little bit more about your home city? Here are some ideas to get you going.

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