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To experience Hanoi, Vietnam means experiencing its street food.  It's really unavoidable.  Shops that spill out on to the sidewalk are everywhere.   Wonderful little store fronts managed by proud and welcoming chefs.  Most specialize in one dish.  Just find a spot with a lot of people, sit down on stool and wait for a bowl of deliciousness to appear before you.   Must tries:


Bun Cha

Grilled pork patties served on vermicelli nooodles with fresh herbs

Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim - 67 Duong Thanh - Old Quarter

Bahn Cuon

Steamed rice crepes filled with minced pork, mushrooms and ground shrimp.

SE Corner of P Hang Non and Hang Dieu - Old Quarter


Bahn Ghoi

Deep fried pastries filled with minced pork, vermicelli and mushrooms.

52 Ly Quoc Su - Hoan Kiem Lake (near St. Joseph's church)

Lau (Hot Pot)

Type of stew where ingredients are placed in a simmering pot of stock and cooked at the table.  Typical dishes include thinly sliced meats, vegetables, noodles or ramen and fresh herbs.

Lau Vu Phong - 167 Phung Hung - Old Quarter


Pho Bo

A Hanoi breakfast staple of broth, noodles and beef - add chiles and fresh herbs.

Pho Gia Truyen - 49 P Bat Dan - Old Quarter (only open 7-10 am)


Bun Bo Nam Bo

Noodles with beef, mixed with sprouts and other herbs.

67 Hang Dieu - Old Quarter


Grilled meats and vegetables cooked at the table and served with spicy sauces and fermented cabbage.

Corner of P Hang Bong and P Phu Doan - Old Quarter - Pick from a selection of vegetables and meats on one side of the street, then take a seat across the street outside a store front that is a fast food restaurant during the day


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